Berkshire pigs

The farm has a small number of pedigree, designated rare-breed, Berkshire pigs which have occasionally been used for breeding although they are kept primarily to support the breed. Like the Wiltshire Horn sheep, Berkshire pigs are historically associated with the local area. Pork from the Berkshire pigs is much sought after by quality butchers for its superb flavour.

Wiltshire Horn Sheep

We have for many years maintained a flock of these pedigree, designated rare-breed, sheep which in times gone by were a familiar sight on the Wiltshire Downs. Wiltshire Horns are unusual in that they are ‘meat’ sheep bred for the food chain and not ‘wool’ sheep – they shed their fleece naturally throughout the year and never require shearing.

Sebastopol Geese

Our rare breed Sebastopol geese add plenty of noise and activity on the farm. They are unusual in having curly feathers. Our small flock has bred prolifically and we have been able to supply goslings to other farms. Anyone interested in acquiring goslings is welcome to get in touch.


This is Ivy, the Bernese Mountain dog, who is everyone’s friend.