British White Cattle

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The British Whites were amongst the earliest recorded domestic cattle breeds in Britain about a thousand years ago.

In recent times they have been classified as Rare Breed or Minority Breed, depending on breeding numbers. Despite some improvement in numbers, there is no certainty that this breed will be able to survive into the future as a traditional British breed.

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Originally bred as a dual purpose breed (both beef and dairy) they are now considered principally a beef breed. This hardy native breed can be long lived – several animals in the herd have lived beyond 20 years of age. As far as possible the British White beef is sold to specialist rare breed and traditional butchers.

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  • North Holme Daniel

Previous Herd Sires

  • Cleland Caius

    1st in Class - Royal County Show Berkshire 2010

    Reserve Male Champion - Royal County Show Berkshire 2012

  • Hevingham Falstaff

  • Faygate Rodney

  • Cleland Chapman Billy

  • De Beauvoir Crossley

  • Woodbastwick Marvin Hagler

  • Nethertown William

  • Dallyashes Phalarope

  • Penwartha Apollo

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