Sebastopol Geese

A small flock of Sebastopol geese has just been added to our livestock collection. A breeding pair of Sebastopols arrived  two weeks ago. These were followed by two more pairs this week and a a fourth pair will be arriving very shortly. The Sebastopols make a spectacular sight with their ‘curly’ feathers and we are looking forward to the sight of some goslings (hopefully) increasing numbers further before too long.

Royal Forest Agricultural Association Winners

Having been invited to enter this year’s Windsor-based Royal Forest Agricultural Association’s farm competition, we are delighted to have been judged runners-up to the H.M. The Queen’s Royal Herd in the Best Pedigree Herd category and also in the Best Pedigree Bull category.

Hebridean Sheep

A small flock of Hebridean sheep has arrived on the farm. Our stockman was away in the North on sheep dog training activities (he is training his collie pup) when he was offered some Hebrideans to bring home to the farm. We jumped at the chance to add these to our growing assortment of rare and distinctive breeds and, if they do well with us, we may well be looking to add to the flock.